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Our buildings are customized with special attention given to the needs of the client, balanced with the time schedule, and result in best practice pricing.

Our first contact with customers is usually through a request for quote.  PCI evaluates, interprets, and puts practical application to work for you.  The request for quote information is put into our estimating program with detailed specifications in order to maximize the best results for our clients.

Materials, equipment and labor are in strict compliance with industry statutes, codes and standards. PCI Quality Assurance department constantly monitors compliance with these requirements at each stage of construction.


Our power control buildings are manufactured to meet customer requirements. Protect Controls has the expertise to install and interconnect any line-up, from low voltage to high voltage equipment. Power control buildings come in any length, width, color combination and interior that you can imagine.


Inclusive of our General Purpose buildings guidelines, customers can select from various building material types for extra protection to combat corrosive environments, such as salt water or corrosive factory settings .


Inclusive of our General Purpose and Corrosive buildings guidelines, customers can select to have our building installed in Classified Environments. Depending on the building’s requirements for positive pressure or other explosive concerns the building’s electrical equipment can be specified and provided to mitigate environmental dangers.